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My name is Joan Mala. I am a singer, a songwriter, and a voice and creativity coach. 


For me, creativity is the beauty of humanity. Our ability to create and consciously transport our energy and emotions into beautiful creations and manifastations.

As I see it, this is where we really can thrive and grow as human beings. 

My main focus and skills are within my own voice, and helping others connect to their voice, but I see beauty in all creative endeavours, and believe that each of us have our very own quality and talent. A vessel through which we can turn our life force into creativity. 

I want to promote that! First of all, within myself, and from there, potentially support others to do the same. To leave what's not necessary and create a loving and creative life.


I'm an authorised teacher in Complete Vocal Technique and have a lot of creative educations, courses  and experiences in my baggage.

I love working with people, holding the space and facilitating others to grow vocally, creatively and personally. 

You can read a lot more about the ways I work with the voice, under "Voicework and Coaching" on this website.


"From The Soil" and "Loved Hearts Heal" 2020

These albums has been such a joy creating. They both come with a deep intention of holding space for introspection and healing, and are at the core a musically celebration of anyone travelling with a sensitive heart, both diving into the struggles and the absolute beauty of it. 


In 2018 I released my second album "Image Of Clay". (Joan Westgate)

An album I created together with producer Marcus Toft, in Moremax Studio in Vanløse, CPH.

We wrote the songs in the genre of alternative pop, often with a beautiful melancholic vibe.

On many of the songs of this album we used piano and cello as main components.  

I'm proud and really greatfull for this creation and all the lessons learned in the proces!

You can listen to the album on Spotify or on the musicpage of this site.

In 2015 I released my debut album "Who's Really Watching". (Joan Westgate)

I wanted to make a different and experimental pop album. I recorded it with producer Bjarke Slot, who is a very inspiring musician. His excellent, crazy musician-mind has blessed the songs with cool and slightly edgy arrangements.

Releasing my first album was quite a tough "birth" for me, and in truth I wasn't ready to fully take it on me. It takes quite some tough skin to stand strong in your own artistry and it has taken me years to  begin to be able to do that. 

I'm really grateful for the journey this album took me on!

Especially the lyrics are dear to me - most of them were written in the beautiful "echoing" of profound experiences and openings. 

You can listen to the album on Spotify or on the musicpage of this site.



I have worked on some cool projects in the past. Together with Marcus Toft, I recorded the song "Nothing Is Real" for the movie "The Stranger Within".

Marcus called me after we hadn't seen each other for a long time. He was working on a movie project, and the singer he was going to work with had quit the project, so he asked me if I could help write a song quickly. We moved fast and within a very short time, we had recorded "Nothing Is Real".

The movie got a little air under it's wings, as it was destributed worldwide by Sony Pictures in the autumn of 2013.

This kickstarted the idea of Marcus and I collaborating on a full album. 


Shortly after we had the pleasure of making the song "Like You Do" for Pandora's "essence" collection. 


Last but not least we had a great time recording a lot of the music used in the Danish Comedy movie "Det Grå Guld" with Birthe Neuman and Kurt Ravn in the leading roles.

"Det Grå Guld" Trailer:


Moving from the city to the fields

In 2014 I felt the urge to make a significant shift in my life. 

I moved from Copenhagen after 9 years, bought a wooden caravan and moved to the contryside of Jutland. This was the start of a very different way of living. And I feel so much gratitude for that decision.  

I slowed everything down to a minimum and started really listening to the movements inside of me, following that in each moment. I kept on doing gigs and also kept the teaching flowing but only just enough to keep everything running. 

Now I live in a small house in the north of Jutland, with my boyfriend.

My main goal in life is to make sure I have loads of time to be creative and to do all the things I love to do. 

A new movement of creative ideas has lately been arising here and I love exploring that. And exploring life itself, with everything it holds.


In the future I look forward to share my music with anyone who feels called and I hope my songs will reach all the souls that need to hear excactly these songs.

Also I look forward to writing new songs, facilitating voicecircles, workshops, starting new collaborations, and traveling to new places. Trying on this beautiful new movement inside myself!


Much Love 


Joan Mala




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