The heart knows the way. That calling we undeniably hear from deep within ourselves, is our most important ally. It will always lead us home. Always give us hints on where we've gone astray.

The past years has been wild. To follow the voice of my own heart has been written with huge letters on all pages. To live a life that I truely want to live, no matter what it might look like from the outside. To create music that I would create even if noone ever hears it.

As I sit here and write I feel a huge sense of precense and honouring of life and the fact that our roads are crossing as you read this. Thank you! If you have any questions or sharings you are welcome to reach out. What are we here for, if it's not to connect to fellow humans of the heart? 

Wishing you a beautiful journey - however bumpy the ride<3

We are all in this together!

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