Singing Technique Workshop

Singing Technique

Get the basic's straight

Most people love singing. We sing in the shower, in the car, letting go to our favorite song in our livingroom, doing a dance and a song for the love of it!

It can be really fun to get some of the basics down, so that you can be even more free when you sing, and get a sense of your own voice and what it's actually capable of. 

Or if you already know some technique, but want to have it refreshed, this is also for you.

In the workshop we will work on building a really strong foundation for singing. 
Singing is not that difficult, and like any other instrument it can be learnt! 

In technique there lies a huge freedom in finding new routes and new tools to exploring your own voice.
We'll go through all the basics of "Complete Vocal Technique" and I will also show you how you can use emotions as a "drive" for singing. 
You can come as you are! I know exactly how scary it can be to sing and you are so welcome, scared or not! 
There will be time for each one to get a chance to work in front of the group❤🎶


Learn how your support works + the 4 vocal modes + Using emotions when singing


❤Work with a song in front of the group. (more info after booking)

❤Come as you are, with everything you are!! 

If you are in doubt if this workshop is for you, you are welcome to write me on:

To make it possible for a variaty of nationalities to join, the circles will be held in english. (unless we all speak Danish)

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