My heart and passion lie in the creativity of singing, the connection to my body, to the vibrant aliveness inside and to exploring the voice from a place of not knowing. 

To sing from my heart and dare to connect emotionally to my voice.  


Also I'm an authorised CVT teacher, and have taught Complete Vocal Technique since 2011.  

I find technique highly useful and have used it to gain understanding, consistency in my vocal abilities and as a professional singer it's been a significant component to ensure healthy singing.


These pathways compliment each other beautifully. The mind wants the clear guidelines technique can offer, while the physical and emotional body often needs care and playful exploration to open up and express freely. 


I often meet people who have unfinished business with their voice. Who feel that at some point in their lives, a gap was created, an emotional barrier that makes it difficult for them to freely and fully express through their voice.


My goal is to always meet you where you are and guide you in the best way possible towards your personal goals and visions.

Encouraging you to stay with your own expression, to connect deeply within yourself and 

to show yourself from a vulnerable and raw place. 


What are you drawn to?

I have pinpointed 3 focus points to help both you and me get a sense of what you want to work on.



Technical Connection


Emotional Connection


Creative / Spiritual Connection



No matter which one you're drawn to, they will eventually overlap if you work with me for an extented period of time. But for me, it's important to start with the approch that resonates the most with you and to put energy where you need it.



Frontcover of the book "Complete Vocal Technique" by Cathrine Sadolin


Technique is awesome!


Complete Vocal Technique can help you to:

- Attain a wider vocal range

- Avoid getting hoarse and damaging your voice

- Master powerful volume as well as soft volume

- Be able to sing longer notes

- Create the sound you wish by choosing vocal mode, soundcolor and effects.


I am really happy to be an authorised CVT teacher and I gladly work on technical issues with people. It has a great effect on their vocal abilities and there by they get more possibilities to express whats inside. 

This can be done in many ways. We can go deeply into the anatomy and nerd each sound just for the pleasure of it and to gain understanding of our instrument. And we can also work with technique pedagogically, only attending to a few specific issues. Understanding the voice through images, sensations, audible recognition and imitation.


Complete Vocal Technique can be devided into 4 main subjects:


1. The 3 overall priciples - These will insure healthy singing.

2. The four vocal modes - Here you can choose which gear you want to sing in. 

3. Soundcolor - Each mode can be "colored" lighter or darker.

4. Effects - The effects are used to enhance emotion or / and style.




Complete Vocal Technique is developed by voice researcher Cathrine Sadolin.

Cathrine has, through years of research, made an efficient and concret map of the voice. 

At Complete Vocal Institute they continuously seek scientific confirmation and explanations for their vocal experiences and the tools they teach. Cathrine is a pioneer in the field of vocal technique and is broadly acknowledged for her work.

Check out the origin of the technique here: www.completevocalinstitute.com


We can work with emotional connection in different ways and in different debths.


When we channel emotions into our voice, it makes a huge difference both to us as singers and to the ones listening.

Here we will hear details in our voice that we can't construct or think our way to. The song becomes alive and steers forward with much more power and direction.


Expression and interpretation

We can focus on the story of the song, and feel into what feelings we, or the ”character” of the song, wants to express – is it anger, joy, regret, sadness ect.? 

Bringing in imagination or recall and enhance experiences from our life to make the song come alive for us and our audience.

This is an energetic and at times theatrical approach to expression, it is a fun, passionate and playful way to work. 























Using the voice to feel and heal

Voicework also has the power to be transformational and can be used to release emotional tentions  stuck in our system. 

Here we let our voice guide us into our inner world, exposing to us, where we are wounded or restrained. This exploration is delicate, and asks us to slow everything down in a space of healing, support and love. Exploring what we hold inside and feeling into what our system intuitively wants to express. 

Everything is welcome to spontanious express. And nothing needs to be condemned or avoided.

Only love heals. 

Working in this way, we'll often be slipping into the next door pointer, the one I call

"creative / spritual connection".



These two approches are not mutually exclusive.

The work holds multiple layers and imagining a ”character” can also touch on one's own emotions.

At the end of the day - getting comfortable with our own emotional debth is essential in feeling free in our expression.  




j strand1 _edited.jpg


Creativity is a word that holds a broad array of flavours. 

When I talk about a creative / spiritual connection, I draw my attention all the way back to where creativity springs from. As I see it, creativity springs from stillness. From my innermost core. 

When I connect to that place, I make way for spontaneous creativity to arise. 


For me spirituality doesn't mean following a specific path, being religious or having to follow a practise.

For me it's that sense of aliveness inside.

Before even the creative expression. 


If you are familiar with your own creativity, you most likely already have a good sense of what this points to. 

It can be difficult to describe with words because words can only go so far.

But I can say that for me it's essential that I connect to this place when I want to create. Because otherwise, my mind is simply too much in the way, and I'm disturbed by thoughts and patterns of shoulds and dont's - killing the creative flow. 


So my best creativity tip, is to keep drawing your awareness back to the core of creativity itself.

Because that place naturally emanates the scent of creativity.  


Hanging out here is mindblowing. Not everyone is drawn to this, but if you are you are welcome.


The way I work with this, in connection to the voice, is through intuitive freefall singing, improvisation, singing meditations, songwriting, poems, dance and feeling into the body.


From here we are being moved. We are being sung'ed. And being danced. 


The work will often overlap into what I call emotional connection, as we might come in contact with stored emotional tentions within the body.  

Everything is welcome to arise, to be seen and felt, at any time - it's all part of being a creative human. 

There's really no boxes, and they are only here to be loosely held.  ​



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